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Today I’m going to teach you how to cook an Authentic Greek Magiritsa recipe. For those of you that don’t know Magiritsa is a traditional Greek soup that we eat on Greek Easter. This popular dish is usually prepared and served in almost every household in Greece on Holy Saturday, after the midnight church services to break the 40 day Lent period. 

There are many variations of this delicious recipe and of course I make it ThePhatGreek way! Magiritsa is a unique Greek delicacy, normally made from lamb offal in order to utilize all the leftover parts of the lamb so that nothing goes to waste. My family loves to use chicken livers and even some of them like to use lamb necks. This tasty soup has a chicken broth base and is garnished with fresh herbs and finished of with a delicious egg and lemon sauce called Avgolemono. 

The main Easter meal that we serve on Easter Sunday is a roasted leg of lamb. Be sure not to miss this next video and remember to Keep On Cooking Beautiful People! #cooking #food #thephatgreek


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