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Let me teach you how to make a famous dish called Steak Diane, originally a dish cooked at table side and often flambéed. We flambéed it using Richelieu Brandy and boy did this smell absolutely amazing. Steak Diane truly is an easy to cook meal for the whole family and I recommend every go home and try make this as its simple yet delicious. We pan-fried the steaks for 2-3 minutes each side until medium rare and deglazed the pan with steaks best friend, butter! We then made the sauce made from the seasoned pan juices, mushrooms, onions, beef stock and cream. Most likely came to dish in London or Belgium in the early 1930s, perfected by ThePhatGreek in 2023. Eat your heart out Gordon Ramsey and remember to keep cooking beautiful people! #cooking #food #thephatgreek


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